Twelve Acre Academy


whether you are looking for a day trip to learn about animals while enjoying quality time together, or searching for that unique handmade gift, we'll be happy to help you.




We offer unique experiences such as "Shearing days", "Goat Milk days" , "Farm Work Days" and, of course, the general "Farm Tour".  We provide a focus on making education fun, so just give us a call and let us know what type of experience will fit your needs.


Visit our farm Store to peruse unique offerrings by Twelve Acre Academy as well as other local farmers and crafters.

Alpaca Yarn - whether hand-spun or mill processed, our yarns will provide the unique thermal qualities which only alpaca can deliver without skimping on comfort.

Alpaca Socks - Our Alpaca socks are the best hunting and outdoor socks I have found.               

Testimonial: "After having had a case of mild frostbite, I am excited to finally enjoy being outside in the cold without the needle like pain I have come to expect, THANK YOU"   

 GOAT MILK SOAP, Knit apparrell , SCARVES